About Stay Put Doggy

Jake & Robyn Davis

Family Owned & Operated

Stay Put Doggy is family owned and operated by Jake and Robyn Davis. Jake has nearly 25 years experience in electronics and professional installations.

We are not under any contractual obligations to any one brand and can therefore offer you a much wider variety of products. Hidden underground pet containment fencing, invisible to the eye, regardless of manufacturer, all work using the same technology. With our experience servicing many brands, we can help you chose the system that will best suit your needs and will continue to work for many years. We have nearly 10 years of experience, backed by several hundred installations in all types of yards and terrains, for all sizes and temperment of dogs.

We promise you the lowest prices and best customer service. We own all the right tools to install your fence in a professional manner, we take great pride in our work. Our hours of operation are 24/7, we are here for you when you need us. Yes, we work weekends, & evenings!! Our guidance through the training process does not stop when we pull out of your drive. We are here day or night to answer any questions, and to help you and your pet feel safe and secure. We will be there for you through the training process, and beyond. Stay Put Doggy has been in business for years, and we promise you we will maintain our family business for many years to come.

We love animals, the systems that we install will not harm your pets. We want your pet to be safe and happy.

our Pets

Jake Davis
Jake with 3 of our product testers, Cooper,
Sophie Grace, and Finnegan.

Bloo - Our adorable rescued Black Lab.
He won more than his fair share of
costume contest as "The King"

Our Precious Toby
Always In Our Hearts Little Buddy!

Our values

Respect for Our Customers

We not only consider the "human" clients but we also consider our Furrry clients as well on every job site we go to. We understand how much our pets can become family. No one ever wants to lose their dogs. We lost our precious and amazing Toby to a horrible illness. Stay Put Doggy was started in 2006. We installed a hidden, invisible to the eye undergound fence at our home for our dogs. When we saw how well it worked and experienced the difference it made, not only in our lives, but the lives of our dogs. We decided to start a business to help pets and their owners have that same positive experience.

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