Introducing Link™ by Pet Stop® for the ultimate peace-of-mind.



Pet fence owners always worry whether their pet fence collar is working properly or if the battery has depleted. Some worry if the correction is too high or too low or that if the settings should be changed occasionally? Link takes all the worry out of pet fence ownership by using superior technology to keep you,
your pet, your dealer and the manufacturer all connected.

Imagine a system that actually monitors your pet’s behavior and sends you notifications on your smart phone if a setting needs to be changed or alerts you to a fault. Then, within a nanosecond, you receive an update you send to your dog’s collar. Voila! It’s done. Link is simply amazing. You’ll have access to real-time
information on-demand, like then your dog’s collar needs to be charged or to check if your dog(s) is challenging it’s boundaries. It’s all there at your fingertips.






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Support and Guarantee

At Stay Put Doggy we stand 100% behind any installation we perform. When there is a problem we are there to fix it.

All of our pet containment systems have warranties and we will repair anything within warranty.

If you have a different system and need our help, just call us at 812-525-0121 or 317-260-1122 and we will work with you to get your system up and running again!

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