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Underground pet fencing is safe, hidden pet containment.  The system consist of a wall mounted transmitter to turn the system on/off and to adjust the boundary size.  Boundary size being the distance from the buried wire to the signal picked up via the pets' collar.  There is a wire buried in the ground around the perimeter of your chosen area of containment. Flags are then placed within a few feet of the wire to assist your dog through the training process. 

The flags are removed after your dog learns the boundaries. Your dog is fitted with a collar which will receive a signal from the transmitter to warn the dog the boundary line is near. Your dog will quickly learn where he is free to play.  We will guide you and your pet through the training process, which is crucial to the success of underground pet containment.

Stay Put Doggy offers sales and service on most makes and models of our hidden, invisible to the eye, underground fence systems.  Your new hidden, underground fence system will be installed to your specifications on any size lot or acreage.

Wire breaks are no problem for the pros at Stay Put Doggy.  
 We have the right equipment to locate and properly repair any break or infraction in your underground wire.

At Stay Put Doggy we also repair other manufacturer's systems. We offer independent services on other brands including but not limited to Petsafe®, Radio Fence®, Underground Pet Fencing Co, Innotek®, Smart Dog Watch®, Invisible Fencing® and Pet Guardian®. Note: Stay Put Doggy is not directly affiliated with any of the companies named but we do perform trusted repairs on those systems.


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At Stay Put Doggy we stand 100% behind any installation we perform. When there is a problem we are there to fix it.

All of our pet containment systems have warranties and we will repair anything within warranty.

If you have a different system and need our help, just call us at 812-525-0121 or 317-260-1122 and we will work with you to get your system up and running again!

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