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Stay Put Doggy Is Family Owned And Operated With Over 25 Years Of Experience. We Promise The Lowest Prices And Best Customer Service. Stay Put Doggy Has The Experience You Want And The Quality You Deserve All At The Very Best Price, Guaranteed.

family owned and operated with over 25 years experience

We own all the right tools to install your fence in a professional manner, we take great pride in our work. Our hours of operation are 24/7

We offer Free Financing for 15 months – SAME AS CASH! (restrictions apply)

Jim Sara Leveille
Jim Sara Leveille
Have had Jake’s dog collars for many years now. He has installed dog fences at several different locations for us. He always responds ASAP & has taken care of any issues we’ve had in a very timely manner. He stands by the product & goes out of his way to accommodate the customer. Can’t recommend him enough.
Terry Moritz
Terry Moritz
Jake has been great to work with!
Heather Moritz
Heather Moritz
Best experience! From our first inquiry to our install, everything Jake shared was very detailed and professional. We are please with both the equipment he installed and how quickly he was able to get the job done. If you are looking for an invisible fence company, Stay Put Doggy is a must!
Linda Troxell
Linda Troxell
Jake was very thorough in his explanations of product, pricing, and use of the fencing. No "hard sale" just honest info. My shy Shelty even developed a trust in Jake. So glad we decided to go with Stay Put Doggy.
Teresa Yeadon
Teresa Yeadon
So glad we picked Stay put doggy! Jake was so pleasant to work with. He made sure our dog stayed safe. He put in electric fence and his price was so much better than other places we had called. He’s very fair. He’s also very professional and polite. If you need something done call Jake at stay put doggy.
greg williams
greg williams
Jake was great to work with. Promptly returned calls to assist us with any needs. Kept us up to date with new technology and upgrades. We have been pleased with our system. Our German Shepard has had the freedom of our yard and safely contained in her boundaries. Didn’t take her long to learn and she will not leave the yard.
Laura Lawson
Laura Lawson
It does surprise me that Jake has a perfect rating. Excellent service and excellent explanation of product we would highly recommend 👍

Pet Stop® Products

The Pet Stop® Brand of Pet Fencing Systems offering a number of patented features making Pet Stop the Most Advanced and the Most Humane pet fence product on the market.

Exclusive Diagnostic Testing

PCC-200 ProEcoLite™Plus

eXtreme® Dog Fence

Most affordable professionally-installed system with exclusive Buyer Protection.

Whether you’re just a beginner or simply have a tighter budget.


eXtreme® Dog Fence Info.

Negatives of GPS Location Dog Fence Systems:

Inaccuracy and Unreliability:

GPS signals affected by atmospheric conditions, buildings, and foliage, leading to erratic boundary lines. Inconsistency causing confusion and potential danger for pets.

Signal Delays:

Delay in updating the dog’s location compared to instant physical barriers. Critical situations might suffer due to delayed signals, risking the pet’s safety.

Battery Life and Maintenance:

Reliance on rechargeable batteries with limited lifespan. Risks leaving the pet vulnerable if the battery runs out while outside the designated area, requiring regular maintenance for functionality.

Our underground dog fence is a safe, hidden, worry free security for you and your pet. We offer hidden pet fence installation services as well as high quality products. 

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Jake and Robyn have over three decades of experience in
electronics and has been installing underground pet fencing for over 25 years.

Stay Put Doggy offers a variety of hidden pet fence packages

Looking for a different type of system? Need a more economical price point?

Stay Put Doggy has complete flexibility to customize an underground pet fence system specifically for you and your pet.

underground pet fence installer


We carry a variety of products and accessories for your Pet containment system. From spare batteries to our Link™ System…at
Stay Put Doggy, we have you covered!

We promise you the lowest prices and best customer service on our underground pet fence packages. We own all the right tools to install your fence in a professional manner, we take great pride in our work.


We Have A Mobile App! Introducing Link™

Link™, an amazing breakthrough in pet fencing. With Link you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will your Pet Stop Dealer. Information like letting you know the collar needs to be charged or prompting you to making an adjustment to the over 1000 available settings.Link your phone to your fence collar for behavior modification training! Never Doubt Your Dogs Safety Again!

The Lowest Prices And Best Customer Service

Keep Those Paw Prints In Your Yard With Hidden Pet Containment By Stay Put Doggy

Dog Fence Training

GentleSteps training is the modern and incremental training program that reduces problems more commonly associated with traditional containment training by using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the critical training phase. Not only do pets learn boundaries faster with GentleSteps™, but the training is also fun. The end result is a happier, healthier, safely contained pet that’s free to roam your property

Stay Put Doggy

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